what to do with the left-over ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are also known as porcelain tiles, they are used to cover the walls and floors. They add a shine to the ceilings and floors. They are a useful component in the studies of home decor.

Uses of waste tiles

Tiles that are of no use can be reused again with some creative ideas. Painting the tiles is a creative way to use the water tile. You just need to make sure the paint is water-proof and self undercoating to prevent future degradation of the paint. Next up in line we have is tile stickers. Tile stickers is yet another way to add sparkles to your unused tiles. And these look pretty as well.

Use of Ceramic tiles for the crafts DIY projects

For the crafty folks out there, we have interesting projects for you as well. Erase magnet tile is one project which is a super way to create and is useful as well. A serving tray can be made with the help of tiles, this a DIY project that can blow your mind.

Leftover large tile projects

Leftover large tiles are also useful for you. If you like wall arts then this project is for you. You just need a few large tiles and you're done. We need to make our wall art where you can stick up your pictures or any picture of nature, beauty, motivational pictures, etc. And here's your DIY wall art ready.

Using old tiles in the garden

Old tiles can be used in gardens in several ways, some of them are prominent here. First up taking old tiles. Washing and cleaning the tiles with the soap solution. Then sweeping it with a soft cloth. Remember one should avoid using Baking soda and vinegar as it will harm the surface of the tiles. This will not look good in the future, as there are higher chances of degradation. After you're done with the washing and cleaning, let it dry. And then painting the tiles with self undercoating and waterproof paint. You can use these painted tiles as a plant stand. This will be an eye-catching factor in your garden.

What to do with broken tiles

There are a few DIYs left for the broken tiles as well. Broken tiles can simply be painted and stuck to the flower pots. This looks great when the colorful tiles are stuck to the pots. And also they will add to the beauty of your garden. To convert those broken tiles into beautiful ones.

Unusual uses for tile

Tile vases are extremely trendy. These tile vases can be made easily and also look great. If you've a flower vase, then turn the simple vase into a colorful tile vase. All you need to do is take a tile. Paint it and stick it to the vase.