While you are at your home and might feel safe under your roof, there might be imposters knocking at your door. Here are some ways and tips how you could avoid and protect yourself from home improvement scams.

There might be a sudden knock on your door on a bright sunny morning from a affable and amiable person, saying that he was just working somewhere in the neighbourhood and he happened to notice your house wasn't in proper condition. Maybe he'll say it needs some pipe repairs or concrete repairs or some old crack repairs. He would seem to offer you unbelievable prices for an appreciable work. We want our readers never to go by such scams as these people often take up the payment in advance and run off from the place without doing any work. Some might even do a little sloppy work and ultimately you would be at a loss with your money. There have even been cases where the fraud would ask the homemaker to sign on some papers as a contract between the fraud and the homemaker on a particular amount of money for a specific work. In the end it was found that they were loan papers for some high interest rates which the customer had signed and agreed to. The fraud often creates a sense of urgency and hurries the customer to make such a deadly mistake.

There have been multiple cases where the scammer would throw some chloroform to unconscious, knock out and daze the homemaker and then rob off with money and expensive things. These frauds are often a gang of robbers who attack a house after collecting ample data. They have a tendency to attack on houses which have inhabitants of senior citizen. They effortlessly fall into such trap making the fraud execute his plan smoothly. These are some common home improvement scams. 

How to protect and avoid these scams

Remember these pointers the next time you find some fraud at your doorstep

  • Never fall on the trap of unbelievable prices for some extraordinary work being done. No real worker is actually free enough to roam around houses and offer his service. 
  • While hiring anybody for some repair, always go for trusted and known people who have worked with them
  • Never sign on any paper in any urgency
  • If the workers say that they might leave and the customer might miss a big opportunity, that’s a scam. 
  • However genial and well- disposed they might seem always remember they have a cunning motive behind that smile.