seven creative ways you can improve your outside wall designA simple boundary wall design and home front wall design can elevate the look of your home. Let's have a look at outdoor wall design ideas, exterior house wall decoration themes, wall finishes, and customization tips. Let's find out how to incorporate premium exterior wall tiles into stone wall designs.

Need for contemporary and Robust Materials

Gone are the times of plain old wood cladding or stone cladding solutions that tend to supply an excellent appeal, while lacking performance against moisture and humidity, leading to poor protection against external elements and a weak facade. Modern wall cladding materials like HPL laminates offer moisture resistance, UV-rays resistance, and anti-graffiti properties, giving them a foothold over other wall cladding solutions.

Brick cladding

We couldn’t compose a blog post about the exterior wall cladding method without citing classic Brick cladding. Great for houses and commercial buildings alike, the Brick is now available in additional colors than ever.

Nature-inspired decor

Mother nature is the best artist; by using natural elements, you can't fail in creating an intriguing aesthetic. One creative thanks to making your home’s exterior walls look nature-inspired are to stay climbing plants.

Increased Importance of Sustainable Solutions

The deteriorating climate and rising heating have forced the planet to shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly products. At such a juncture, manufacturers offering sustainable products with green credentials are now being increasingly preferred over others.

Requirement of Smart Features

Features like moisture resistance, sturdiness, and all-weather performance are widely offered by most cladding manufacturers. Smart features like anti-graffiti property, antibacterial properties, and resistance to fading, however, aren’t found across all wall cladding solutions.

Wood cladding

Wood cladding has increased in popularity with specifiers in recent times as an excellent sustainable alternative to traditional materials. Wood cladding can provide a home moment-style update

Metal cladding

Metal cladding is often an excellent supplement to your wall cladding design providing that modern, industrial look and feel. It's also very useful for incorporating bold colors into the project.


Hands down! Stone is indeed the simplest natural exterior wall material that provides a trendy finish and also provides a sturdy framework to the boundary wall. It gives a mansion-like feel to your house. Nothing beats the sturdiness and timeless appeal that a fence can exude in marking the boundaries for your property. If you would like it to be cost-effective, yet stylish then you'll also use stone tiles or stones embedded in cement, decoratively for the outer wall. The essential structure of the boundary wall is often made from another material while placing geometrically-cut stones and mosaic patterns into a plastered wall. But if you favor a solid and sturdy outer wall that also promises a grand palatial entrance, fit a king, then choose stone over other boundary wall materials.