decor home with ledger panels

You must be wondering what exactly are ledger panels are. It seriously isn’t an offense to be unaware. Layered Stone Ledger panels are trimmed slices of natural stone attached to create customizable stone veneer panels that enable a dry layering stone veneer to be installed smoothly. We give these panels in two styles: stepped panels of the natural stone ledger and stepped panel corner of "L" ledger for exterior corners. Layered Stone ledger panel could be used on a home's exterior to improve the appeal, outdoors to view a grill island, on a countertop to freshen up a kitchen or indoors to spruce up an interior wall.

What are the latest trends in Home Decor?

One of the latest home design trends is the use of contrasting colors. It involves painting a dark color on the walls, by using dark decoration and contrasting it with elements of light color. There are also circles and polka dots in for Today. This can be putting pillows on your couch in polka dot, putting circular curtains and integrating round rugs, and throwing pillows into your style. Another emerging new trend is jewelry. It may be lighting fixtures or table décor in the shape of some of the most exquisite jewels in the world. Next, brass is making a comeback when it comes to fittings. You'll start seeing less brush nickel and similar finishes, and more brass returning. A great way to make a statement in a bland room is to add an accent wall. But there’s more that goes into it than just slapping on a new color of the paint. When using an accent wall, you can use a bold paint color or look into accent wallpaper. Once you make your decision on what you would like your accent wall to feature, make sure it fits with your existing colors. If it doesn’t paint the room in a standard shade that complements the accent wall.

In what areas can you use ledger panels?

You must now be thinking about what areas you can use these ledger panels. Well, there is not a single need for worry. We are here to help you in that aspect as well. Here are some examples of the areas whose beauty can be enhanced with the help of the ledger panels.

• Patios

Outside patios are among the most popular areas for ledgers-from walls to barbecuing platforms. Naturally Stone is a really good durable material making it a great outdoor tool.

• Columns

Integrate a touch of ledger around outdoor columns in your house. It's a perfect way to add style and depth to an environment you wouldn't expect.

• Home Exteriors

Allow your home's exterior curbside to look better with stacked stone. Not only does it bring beauty to your room from the old world but it also provides a special visual appeal.

• Fireplaces

Give your wall the art of a wall accented ledger! Backsplashes in the kitchens are on-trend from floor to ceiling, and ledger brings that same look to your living space.


If you are still looking for more information on designing your dream home with ledger panels, contact us. We have the most experienced experts on board who will make things as easy as lighting a matchstick for you. So what are you waiting for?