During any construction project, many pieces of house building materials are leftover. They end up being waste as most people are not aware of the various uses of such remnants. The use of natural stone remnants is an excellent way to coordinate the objects of the room. The remnants of natural stone are the most common construction remnants. It can be used in several ways to create unique yet functional objects in the home. 

Here is a detailed list of innovative applications of natural stone remnants

Furnish table tops 

Natural stones can be effectively used as a tabletop of old side tables or coffee tables. The remaining slab from countertops can provide a new look to an old piece of furniture. Renovation of a serving table or bar top can also be done if the pieces of remnants are large. Natural stones such as marble, quartzite, or granite can be used as tabletops. The finished luxurious look would make your guests ask you about the purchase of the new table. 

Bathroom Vanity 

The vanity of the bathroom is usually small and compact. The remnants can be used to cover the vanity and provide a sophisticated look to the existing bathroom. The use of natural stones like onyx or marble would create the impression of exclusive creation. These natural stones are durable, water-resistant, glossy-finish, and oozes elegance, thus ideal for moisture areas. 


The tiniest remnant pieces can also be put to use by installing them as windowsills. Windowsills would add detail and definition to the existing window and can be used to place your coffee mugs while dreaming through the window. Small planters can also be placed on the windowsills which would create an aura of optimism in the room. Natural stones like granite, travertine, limestone, or marble could be used for the remodeling project. 


Another effective use of small pieces of remnants is the creation of boards. These boards can be kept in the bathroom to place the essentials or can be used in the kitchen as a cutting board. Not only these will look gorgeous but also are a functional object in the kitchen and bathroom. The larger remnants can be also cut down into smaller pieces into coasters or trivets. Inculcation of natural stone into these beautiful and functional objects will reduce plastic use and ultimately is environmentally-friendly. 

Recycle natural stone 

The natural stones like marble and granite can be recycled to make fire pits, paving stones, mosaic tiles, and several other ways. The powder form of the natural stone act as a wonderful fertilizer as it contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. 


This is never the end. There can be a million ways in which natural stone remnants can be used functionally, efficiently, and effectively. With the beauty and durability that it has to offer, homemakers would surely want to make the most out of every slab bought.