natural stone floor

Floor marble is one of the integral elements of a house which makes the interior look even better. Having natural stone has its perks but cleaning it the wrong way can damage the marble. Here are some Natural stone care and maintenance tips on how to clean natural stone.

1. Clean your floor frequently

The trick to the best floor is to keep it clean and prevent dust and other particles from settling down. Cleaning the floor regularly will keep foreign particles away from the surface which will prevent scratches and fading. Cleaning the floor once every two weeks is suggested for optimum results.

2. Keep the tiles Dry

Water is a state of matter which has a high state of pressure. If the tiles have water clogged somewhere in between there is a high risk that the stone may develop a crack or shatter. Wet tiles attract fungus and make the tiles slippery. Make sure to open the windows and doors to allow the passage of air to flow through the room. This helps in keeping the tiles dry and saves you from a lot of problems.

3. Use a mild foam based cleaner

It is suggested to use a special natural stone cleaner to clean your tiles. The products which you find in the supermarket are designed for regular tiles and they have harmful chemicals that do clean the surface but corrodes the top surface of the tiles. Natural tiles are all the more delicate and these powerful chemicals will prove to be harmful to the textiles. There are special products which come with a foam base and clean the tiles perfectly, these products might be expensive but are with every penny you pay.

4. Maintain a Good Seal on Your Stone

Coating your tiles with a good sealant will prove most beneficial to you in the long run. This will help in keeping the tiles dry and will also contribute to maintaining a shiny surface. If you notice water stains of the tiles it is a clear sign that you need to apply a new coating of sealant. This task can be accomplished on your own and is very easy.

5. Do not over Polish the Tiles

Polishing the tiles regularly should be avoided at all costs. It is okay to polish the tiles once or twice but polishing them regularly will spoil the texture of the tiles in the long run. Polishing the tiles regularly will make the tiles slippery and dangerous.

6. Use special tools

There might be certain parts that might need deep cleaning but remember to use tools like sponges and brushed which are specially made to clean natural stone. Regular products might damage the seal or scratch the surface while removing dirt or mildew.


There are hundreds of options when it comes to selecting tiles and stone flooring types but make sure you make the right choice by going to the right dealer. Tiles Bay, for example, has the best tiles and all the products that you will need to keep your natural stone looking great.